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Why are you running for mayor?

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Compassion and love for the People and the Environment.
ship for Honolulu’s future is more important today than ever. Yes the Pandemic and the Economic Recession is overwhelming, but Climate Change foresees more destruction and health concerns than anything happening today. My leadership offers the plan to solve all of the above crises through Sustainability. Sustainability means self suffi- ciency, cleaning the environment, no pollution, changing our living habits for a cleaner and healthier lifestyle within a pure and organic environment. A self sufficient economy with housing programs like can offer security and housing to the poor and homeless, quality organic food production, value added products for local consumption and export, healthier and cleaner city environment with reducing auto pollution and congestion with cleaner and quieter transportation, parks, community farms, and patented design products to produce harmony with agriculture, and food production. Coopera- tion and coordination with all school level entities creating technology and training to develop programs to include Hawaii’s own internet pri- vacy control system and numerous other programs and products can add to our resources for a sustainable quality of life in Honolulu.

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